Warming up to the idea

Monday has come and gone.

Ok so not as to depress many of you.  These thoughts were not meant to be of a depressing nature.  I woke up on Saturday morning and was getting ready to go to the gym to meet a friend.  On my drive there I began to think about life and family.  It suddenly occurred to me that I am indeed , most likely, working on the later part my life.  Ok, I know, let me explain.  I am leaning toward the 40.  So if you multiply that by two. You see where I am going with this.  Unfortunately there are things in life that define who and what we are. Not all of these things are in our control.  Some 21 months ago we had one of those defining events in our life.

I am not quite ready and not sure how to write it all down.  But my past, my present and my future all changed with one such event.  The birth of our son C.




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