Exercise, and the things that hurt me

Well….no it was not a resolution.. It is an ongoing want, need, chore..  To lose weight and be more healthy…………….Ah land I said it.  I, like most of the world love my food.  I love it when I am happy, sad, lonely, and tired.  I am not ashamed to admit, chocolate is a very good friend of mine.  (The Easter Eggs are out!)  Those things hunt me down every year.  I was so happy a number of years ago that they started making them in the mini version so you could still have a taste.

On Monday of this week, my walking buddy, asked me a question.  “Have you ever thought of running?”  I look at her like “What???”

“Well, I mean if you could run would you run?”  My response “No.” and “What are you getting at?”

“My sister was talking to me about this thing were you build up your endurance so that you can run a 5k by summer.  Want to do it?”

So now here is my brain.  Run!!  Is she crazy?  Am I crazy?  Yes, I do exercise.  I walk or bike and am trying to get myself back into strength training.  I like that very much.  Running………….. I have never ran in my life.. No jogging.  Nada.  In my younger years I swam.  I was a lifeguard for most of my teens and early twenties.

So guess what.  I am going to become a jogger.  I am aiming for that.  The whole Runner thing is scaring me.  Maybe by summer I will revamp my thoughts and aim for being a runner.  Today was Day 2 of the training.  Thirty minutes on the treadmill alternating between walking and running.  I made it!  That is always a bonus to be able to say that.

On a side note.  I am not very fast. Hahaha..  I am only 50% of the 5 km goal.  Here is hoping the next few weeks shape up and well I shape up!


2 responses

  1. When getting ready for my first 5K I used a phone app called couch to 5K and it helped me a lot!

    January 17, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    • Jo

      That is the one that we are trying out as well! I like that it takes the thinking out of it.. Here is to hoping I make it. Hahaha

      January 17, 2014 at 10:59 pm

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