Happy Valentine’s

I am making my list. Storm day pending in my area. Blizzard warning. So a vacation day sounds good to me!

Special occasions and Holiday’s are difficult around our home. You think of the what if’s and what is not happening around the homestead. There is always that longing and want for what will never be. That perfect Valentine, birthday parties, pictures with Santa, Saturday morning cartoons. The list goes on.

Many do not understand why we may do the things that we do. That is ok. We just hope, in the end, that all respect our decisions. We mostly feel more “safe” at home where we are surrounded by our memories and our love for each other and our son. On special occasions we will plan something special.

Tomorrow I will get up and start baking. Smokehouse wraps and Applewood smoked bacon fries for supper. Red Velvet cupcakes for dessert. You have to keep busy and do the things that you love. We will visit our son’s grave and take him a Valentine too. After all he is our special Valentine.


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