The “Club”

What is a club? A club is something you want to join. A place you gather with people who have like interests. Sometimes you become part of a club not by choice. 21 months ago my Husband and I became members of a Club. This was not our choice and fortunately/unfortunately there are many people in this club far and wide. The price to join this Club was our son’s life. Today friends have joined new… Clubs of their own. Please know that this was never their choice nor is the membership refundable. We may never understand what it is like to belong to someone else’s “Club” and speaking as a member of my “Club” I do hope you never do. As that would mean you have walked in our shoes.

Today my friend joined the club of a Single Father, Loss of a spouse, Loss of a family member to Suicide, among others. His children are now, Children who have lost their mother, Children of a single Father, etc…

Please remember as you go about your daily life, you just do not know what Clubs everyone belongs to. Or what burdens they carry.


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