Weekend Meltdown

Ok… So the staycation happened. It was great………But…… My husband’s wife had a MELTDOWN.

Saturday morning I had an appointment for a pedicure.. That is my one vice. I might add they are a lovely shade of St. Patty’s green with sparkles! I am off the wagon per say (stress has pushed me toward my favorites of chocolate and Lay’s potato chips!) and I decided that I was going to get us a treat for breakfast. Yes, I know nasty stuff. I confess, but I wanted a McGriddle. Yes! I dislike, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, I do not eat beef in restaurants as I want it well cooked and fresh, I do not like salad dressings, or most any condiment. And Ketchup is for onion rings and fries ONLY. Hahahaa.

I rolled up to the drive thru window. I ordered Husband a # 3 and myself a #8. Which are a Sausage McMuffin and a Bacon McGriddle. I paid and drove the 5 kms home. Came in the house all excited as I got us a Saturday morning treat. Well…… Husband started unpacking the bag of goodies. A Sausage McMuffin and a Bagel BLT………………WTH………………..!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you all out there can agree it is the smallest, most idiotic thing that can push you over the edge. Yes, folks Saturday it was the damn BLT. I lost it. Crying, anger, the works.

Who in the world cries over a Bacon McGriddle. You cannot see but I have my hand raised. Yes, it is me. All of last week and the past few weeks came to a head. I was a pathetic mess. My husband ended up getting me to lay down. I cried myself to exhaustion and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon. Then woke up and read a book on my Kobo.

Yesterday, we did sleep in. (Lost that hour of sleep) I lazed around reading. Took at trip to the fabric store to prepare for a class I am taking this weekend. (PS my fabric is awesome) We are doing a paperpieced Mariners Compass inspired wall hanging. I picked up Sorbet Garden by Henry Glass. I believe the designer is Jillily Studio. I might add these pretty fabrics helped calm the mood and the rest of the staycation a success. Stay tuned for photos of my work this weekend. Fingers crossed it turns out as I envision in my head! Here is a picture of the fabric line as seen on the Jillily Studio Site.

Sorbet Gardens


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