Well..  My supervisor resigned on Friday.  Given that he is going to a competitor he will not be working his remaining 2 weeks… There are two of us in my current position and we have several of our own work logs plus we float for a department meaning when they have people out, sick, swamped we have to pickup the slack. (This is the only reason they keep us in this department so that we can do this)

Last week out of 18 staff, they had 6 sick on Monday, 4 sick on Tuesday, 4 sick Wednesday, 2 out Thursday and 2 out Friday.  They are not at full staff as they have two that just got hired on March 10th and are training.   Meaning I have not touched my own work in 2 weeks.  Today we find out that one of our duties is being given to another department as we are behind.  Like it is our fault.  We have been working until 7 – 8 pm every night for weeks. I might add none of the above people are here helping to get stuff caught up and mot certainly are not working overtime.  I have worked 15 years to get to the position I am in and getting job duties slid on my desk from a position several steps below me and now having my work given to someone else so I can continue to do this other work!!  WHATEVER!

I love to be busy.  There is nothing I like more than coming at 8 and ops it is 430..  I love days like that.  But when you are not getting lunch and breaks and working over time to help someone else out and getting shafted in the end.  Let’s just say that I will be leaving at 5 pm today………. I am unavailable for overtime. Hahahahahaha… 

Oh there thank you letting me vent! Hahaha wishing you all a better Monday!

On a brighter note it is almost time to go home and spend the evening with my love. Perhaps a movie is in order and I am stil working away trying to put together my new treadmill. EKKK That thing is HARD!


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