Online Yardsale

Well….it is official. I may actually do some sorting….. Ahh… land, one of my least favorite things.  On the brighter side I can sit here in my PJ’s and sell my items from the safety of my family room.
Online Yardsale


I sit here looking around and think ummmmmmmmmmmmm….. Where did all of this stuff come from? I live in a 5 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath bungalow. Yea, I know over kill considering it is not looking like we are going to need any of bedrooms 2 through 5….. Once upon a time there was a couple, newly married who lived in a 1 bedroom mini-home that the wife owned before they married. Said couple decided before starting a family, they needed a home so they built this place. All the time preparing for the two children they had hoped and planned on having. 8 years later…..The couple and their 2 fur balls still reside in this home… Along with a lot of stuff.

Ah well at least we can watch 3 different programs in 3 different rooms at the same time and if necessary can go to one of 3 different washrooms. Hahahaa..

Fingers crossed that I maintain this level of ambition and perhaps there will be an empty spot by Monday AM! (On the other hand, Easter candy is on sale at the store and well….. I may need go to for a drive!) Stay tuned..

Hope you have a great weekend!


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