Don’t Mind Me – Blogging 201

I am enrolled in the new Blogger 201.  I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to learn more about my blogging and strive to be better.

Yesterday our assignment was to set three goals for ourselves.  I think I have always had goals and been trying to work toward them.

1 – To connect with other women – families who have suffered the loss of a child.  To connect with those suffering with infertility.

2 – To post at least once per week.  I set this goal when I began blogging as I have outside stresses in life and felt this was completely attainable for me

3 – Learn to better express myself and to create a more visual blog.

Each of these goals could be measured.  I will set goals to blog at least twice per week.  I would like to have 100 followers before July 1st.  That would be the six month mark for my blog.

Today`s assignment is to audit our brand.  I have tweaked here and there over past weeks.  Today I have been checking out themes, changing wording and pictures.  I am still not completely happy with it all.  Sometimes I think better if I take a step back.  So I will leave what I have done for today and perhaps over the next few days I will have some better ideas to help it along.  I have been thinking of adding a couple of pages to my blog.  One a timeline of our infertility, and secondly a timeline of events for our son`s life.

Well time to sleep on it!


One response

  1. I’m sorry, I’ve been awake all night and am rather delirious and getting ready to head out to the eye doctor and then I have another appointment at 3:00 p.m.
    Forgot to send you a great big daily HUG. Sunshine coming too. 🙂

    April 23, 2014 at 10:32 am

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