I stepped in it.

I guess the best way to describe the situation is to dial back the clock to yesterday.

At 8 am yesterday morning the Police in our area received a phone call saying that someone was going to be bringing a gun to school. immediately 3 cars of police were dispatched to the school. Eventually, K9 officers arrived as well. This information was not made public.. Just after 9 am they notified our company HR to let all staff know “The school is on lockdown. There has been a unsubstantiated threat. Remain calm and more news will be made available as it arises.”

Ok yea right. It is a K-12 school. I mean your children are there.. You get NO information and you are to remain calm! WHATEVER! As the day progressed we still do not know anything. Reports on the local radio etc basically said the same thing as above. “School is on lockdown. No one is allowed in or out. They are doing a sweep of the school. There is a unsubstantiated threat.”

At 2:00 pm approximately they began letting children go if they had someone there to pick them up. We received more reports that they were doing another sweep of the school after all the children left. At 5:30 pm yesterday via the radio station they reported “It has been determined to be a hoax.” It was only then did they release the information about receiving the phone call at 8 am etc.

This morning I went to our staff kitchen to fill my water bottle. When I arrived, there were 8 women “getting coffee”, discussing yesterday. One of the ladies (I shall be polite) stated. “They are nothing but F’n idiots. There was nothing to worry about,” This particular lady has two sons. Both of which are graduated and well she has been involved with questionable situations in the past. I shall leave it at that because it is not polite to air others laundry and hers is VERY STAINED AND DIRTY. Her comment really made me angry…………………..What kind of Mother judges another Mother for being scared, fearful and upset to name a few because they do not know about the welfare of their child and or children!!!!!!!!!!!! I of course could not keep my tongue quiet. “As a Mother who as buried a child, they are not F’n idiots.” She then tried to defend herself. “Well they shouldn’t have been on FB scaring other Mothers.” Whatever!! I responded “Well, they didn’t have to read FB did they!”

When I returned to my desk I received an IM from one of the ladies in the room. “She is a knob!! LOL” Yes my dear, yes she is a knob!!!! I responded “Not all of us have the same Mothering instinct and ability to love. Nor do all have the instinct to protect at all cost.”

It is unfortunate that judgements like this exist. That loving, caring Mother’s need to justify their emotions. I for one understand. No, I cannot relate to that particular situation. But. I know exactly what it is like to feel terrified, fearful and helpless to protect your child from harm. I send out good thoughts for those Mother’s today and all the Mother’s and Father’s who have had to live in these fearful situations and ones far far worse. We are the lucky ones. This situation ended safely. That we can be thankful for.


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