Sunday Night

Well…  I know not the best way to start a post..  


Here it is Sunday night..  I have not accomplished a large amount of the plans I had for the weekend.  Oh well… Hahaha..  I did most of the laundry, cleaned most of the house and read 2 books.  That counts right?

I just cannot seem to get into the phase of a schedule.  No, cannot do it..  Do not care to do it…  I am leaving on a road trip for my sister’s wedding in T-minus 38 hours.  I should be further along with my packing.  Oh well.  Dress and a pair of earrings what else do I need?  I am looking forward to seeing my little sister get married at the tender age of 36 and 9/10ths.  As well, I am hesitant to leave home.  Even after this much time I do not like to be away from home.  My safe place.  My comfort zone…Well our comfort zone.  My husband and I. 

Lately, I have been working long hours, hiding out at the lake and just plain hiding out at home.  My a$$ reflects all of this and the amount of chocolate I have been eating.. . Oh well it was good!  I keep seeing myself in my mind.  The self I thought I would see at this age and time in my life..  She is not the same..  I know.  It is never the same as what was in our thoughts.  But mine is just so very different and I am struggling to find that balance.  That part of me.  I look ahead and back….

I wish you all a good week and cross your fingers we take the direct path and not the detour route this week on our journey.  20+ hours of driving in our future!  Hahaha




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