The Future

You know when we were young, we always looked ahead. Wondering what is out there for us.

I do not remember the last time that I looked ahead. A time when I wondered what may be. I have never been one to walk to far outside the lines. I am scared. What if I screw up? What if it is a detriment to my reality? I have always gingerly checked things out for myself and headed in with good knowledge and what I hoped were sound decisions.

I have no knowledge of the future. I have no knowledge of tomorrow. I do not look ahead. No, I am too scared to do that. Kind of feels like being in a rubber dingy floating around. Sometimes you bump something and it just propels you in the opposite direction or a new path. Will this be ok for me? Will it be ok for my husband? Can we just float and be fine from now on? Well if nothing else at least I am not alone in the boat. However, I hope like H the boat doesn’t get a hole as he cannot swim………..

But never fear. I can tread for days we will be just fine…..


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