My Kobo Habit

I believe I have referenced before that I do read much and often.

I have always been one to enjoy a good book or two and after C passed away I began reading as my way to have an out.  I was part of the here and now but yet when reading my brain was occupied enough that I could forget the now.  I have read hundreds of books in the past 3 years.  Usually minimum of 2 per week sometimes more.

Last week was a big week.  I have been avoiding the new phenom that is “Fifty Shades Series” by E.L. James.  I am one that usually stays off the beaten path and does my own thing.  YES, I took the plunge………….I read all three books in the series in less than 6 days.  I have created a mess now.  I MUST read the new publication on June 18th.

On the list to read.

I will say.  I NEVER read a book before I watch the movie.  That is also the case with this.  I guess I have too vivid an imagination.  I always find reading the book ruines the movie for me.  I am glad I did so this time around. Although, I was not able to restrain myself after Book 1.  Good land I had to continue and look where that got me.   Now I have read my way out of the series. Hahaha..

I did enjoy the books. I will say the “hype” about the sexual content really did not turn me away. Having read them, there are many author’s that have more explicit content.  I did enjoy the story and yes there was a story not just lots of romping around.. Hahaha..  I love a good Maya Banks, Michelle Sinclair, Paula Quinn and the list goes on.  I hope that we will see more from E.L. James in the future.  They will definitely be on my Kobo Wish List.

I am looking around for a new series to read?  Any suggestions, let me know.  I do not do well having to wait for the next one to publish.  I am too impatient!


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