Picture Day

The most favorite day of the school year has arrived in our next of the woods.  I have just listened to a 30 minute conversation between three of my co-workers about getting their combined 5 children off to school. I love seeing the results.  The hairdo’s, the funny faces, what happens after they are dropped off pristine at the door…

That being said.  This has been a very long 30 minutes to endure.  Based on the conversation here and the agreement between these three there is nothing worse in life that getting them ready for pictures.

Here I sit in the middle of all of this everyday.  I will never be that Mommy.  I will never be the one sharing school photos.  When he graduates, I will not be able to do up a book of all his school pictures for a keepsake.   I will never have these memories.

The only time I had to worry about picking out an outfit for my child, was for his funeral.

Some days are harder than others.  To all your parents out there do not sweat the small stuff.  In 10 years, the fact that Jack or Sally had a cowlick or oreos in their teeth will only make that picture more special.  It is capturing the true essence of your child’s personality.

Happy picture day all!


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