Things I learned from “Roseanne”

Last evening, I was taking a stroll on my treadmill.  Which is conveniently located in front of the TV.  As I flicked through the channels I decided to watch “Roseanne” re-runs.

Mistake # 1.

Who knew, that watching a show that had brought much laughter into our younger lives could make one cry so much.  Yes, the show is considered a sitcom.  However, if you sit down and watch a few episodes, you will soon realize the messages within.  Last night’s episode “Her Boyfriend’s Back”.  Found Becky and Mark borrowing Dan’s bike for the night without permission.  We saw Roseanne & Dan trying to parent a teenage daughter.  Becky learned the ultimate lesson of disappointment.  She realized that making her parents angry was one thing but disappointment was far worse to endure.  We see the love Dan felt for his daughter as he tried to bridge the gap between then after their falling out.  Roseanne went to Mark and expressed her love for her daughter and silently told him that she only wants him to treat her as she should be.

Throughout this entire 30 minute show, flashes of my future kept coming and going.  We will never have these times and arguments with our son.  We will never be at wits end because he had started dating a new girl and was missing curfew.  We will never get the opportunity to sit and chat and talk about that pretty new girl and the color of her hair and tease him about their future.  As I sat and watched the show the tears continued to fall.

Who knew “Roseanne” could be so deep!


2 responses

  1. What if moments are so hard. I’m sorry, dear friend.

    November 11, 2015 at 9:52 am

  2. Love me some Rosie! ❤

    November 12, 2015 at 12:12 pm

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