Day 6, 2016

First full week back to work after the holidays.  Whew.. Man am I tired. Hahaha.

I know I know.  I said no resolutions.  However, that does not mean that I cannot think ahead for the coming year.  Some would say that this is progress in the life a person living with grief.  I would say it is a means of protection.  A means to fill ones day, the emptiness.

What will we do with ourselves this year to fill the gaps?

For a year +, I have been following Bucket List Publications.  To use only one word to describe Lesley and her blog is very difficult.  I shall take a stab and say “extraordinary”.  Each year she makes a Bucket List.  One with dreams and ideas that can be realized throughout the year.  She has just posted the 2016 list.  Each year, when I read her list, I immediately get excited with anticipation to see how the year unfolds.   To see the photos.  To read the blog post of adventures.

I think we all need to take some hints from Lesley and make a little list of our own.

Challenge – you do not have to share with us.  However, everyone that reads this post, make a list of your own.  No matter how big or how small.  Make a list of some things you would like to see and do in 2016.  They do not have to be far away or expensive.  It can be as simple as learning to skate.

The hard part.  Making sure that you get to cross them off!

Happy 2016!




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