It appears insomnia has come to visit again.  That time of year is up head and getting closer.

This year will make four birthdays.  Four years since “C” passed away.

Strange sleep patterns is very much my normal.  Weeks of short nights followed by weekends of late sleeping.  I keep my Kobo charged up and ready with new reads for the most part and once and awhile I may watch a good movie on TV.

Reading keeps my mind busy.  It is a “nothing” busy.  I read fairly quickly, and am able to finish several books on a weekend or even one throughout the course of an evening.  I read much when I was home on my maternity leave.

After “C“ passed away the DR wanted me to take meds.  I refused.  I realize that in such situations we are not always the best judge of our emotional state.  Yes, I was very aware that I suffered from postpartum and grief.  As did my DH.  We still exhibit signs today.   I was still functioning, getting up, keeping the house etc.   It was during all of this, when I began to read in large volumes. I have always been an avid reader.

Sometimes we just have to do what works for us to get through the day-to-day.




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