Each and every day I make that trek from my side of the bed to the shower, then off to the car and head for my little corner at the office.

In recent years, I have taken to wearing headphones at work.  Music, the radio, whatever might suit my fancy that day to drown out the office talking, gossip and noise.  It has become a necessary reality.  By doing so I can truly answer a coworker when they say did you hear?   Or who said that?

I can always safely answer “I have no idea”.  This has allowed me in many ways to have less stress.  (Yes, there is still plenty of that to go around) I am not taking in all of the negative around me.  It also allows me to have something other than my own thoughts to occupy the background noise in my head.

I am going to need the headphones in the weeks ahead.  The department next to mine has 2 who recently left for mat leave and 5 more expecting.  I am so very happy for them all.  To protect my emotions I am going to need to wear my headphones.  Otherwise, I will be the usual emotional wreck.

Best wishes to all of the baby bumps in the world.  May all stay safely nestled where they belong until their time.





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