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I have not titled this today as I have no idea what to call it.  The following could apply:









Each of these words apply.  Today I sit in grief.  I grieve for my friend, for her child, for their family.  On Saturday, the most joyous, kind, gifted, strong, loving young lady any mother could call their own passed from this earth.

She truly was a light in this world.  She had been fighting for that life from the day she was born.

Today, I send much love to my friend.  May she be surrounded by the love and the arms of each of us Mothers of Angels around the world.  May she feel that love as she lays her own precious Angel to rest.




That word I will not say.

Last fall I wrote a post about my friend titled No Words.

Today I am in the same place.  I have no words.  Or rather I have many.  Many words that I wish to shout, to yell to spit.  I am angry.

My friend’s daughter is not well.  The shit is back.  They did surgery last fall to remove the tumor and placed rods in her spine.  She had treatments.  She was doing well.  There are more tumors. She is an amazing girl and fighting.  She has fought since the day she was born. I have never met anyone who is stronger than this beautiful young woman.

I am praying.  I am fighting the fight in my mind for them.  I am scared for my friend.  I do not want her to join my club.  How much does a mother have to endure in life?

Life is testing what Faith I have left.  I have hope that all will be well and I send them much LOVE.


No Words

My friend needs our hep today.  The weight of the world is upon her.

She has the most beautiful daughter.  She has the personality of sunshine and a smile so bright it would light the sky.  She was born with a cognitive heart disorder.  At one week of age her mother began noticing signs that something was not right.  After repeated trips to the ER over a period of 3 days she was sent to the nearest hospital with an NICU.  They informed the family she was experiencing heart failure and was going to be airlifted to the nearest Children’s hospital within the hour.  She spent the next 6 weeks (10 days of which were in the PICU) at the hospital before returning home.  3 1/2  years later they had to move to the city to await a heart transplant.

Her own heart had completely failed.  That morning they have performed the surgery to switch her over to the artificial heart.  That night there was a car accident and the donor matched.  It was a miracle.

Overall the last 8 have been well.  A couple of blips in the road but nothing out of the ordinary for a transplant patient.

Yesterday, I received the most devastating news.  She has cancer.

I have admired my friend.  She is the strongest woman I know.  A mother who has experienced more than we should have to.  Yet, she again, sits vigilant at her daughter’s bed holding her hand.  I have been that mother watching my child.  Praying for my child.  Fearing the unknown.  Fearing the future.  Begging for that life that means more than my own.

I ask today that you please send a prayer for their family.  Husband, wife and daughter.