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He has arrived

Well it seems my nephew is not one to wait….  He arrived yesterday afternoon.  9 weeks early.  Good birth weight and very active.  Was breathing on his own.  CPAP and the works for the time being.  Not sure if any apenea etc.  Will know more today now that she had a bit of rest.  All well be well.  3 weeks has to make the difference.

Just trying to remain calm.  Not easy when you know too much….. Perils of having a prem.





Well it seems that my turkey dinner will be had 850 miles from home.

My parents are making the trip to see my sister and baby that weekend.

The apprehension has already started.  Days away from home.  Might be alone as it depends on if Hubby can get time off work.  Oh yes, and the baby in the room, my nephew.

Will my sister understand that I do not touch or hold babies?  I am still not able to. Will they feel slighted?  Oh, land.  Will they understand that me coming and being there is all that I can do?  All that I can handle.  If she goes to term he will almost the same ## of days old as “C” was.