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I will begin this post by saying, please do not judge. Hahaha..

This weekend I had big plans.  Clean the house, basement and sort/begin to wrap what Christmas presents I have purchased.  Well that did not go as planned.  I began by finishing up a present, I had been working on, while watching a movie.  (I moved my sewing table to 4 feet from the basement TV!)  This followed by me thinking.. Ummm I could watch another movie while I wrap.  After checking things out I decided on Magic Mike XXL.  I just wanted something that took no thinking and would be entertaining.

Well I got more than I bargained for.  As the movie progressed, I began to think of my carefree days.  You know the ones where you woke up on Friday and decided that you would rather visit a friend in a city 6 hours away than stay home this weekend. In those days I was single and working the night shift, 6 pm until 3 am.  I would grab a bag and after work, hit the road, getting there when she got up Saturday AM.  Those were the days.

Yes, this movie brought on a bit of nostalgia.  Watching the “male entertainers” take a trip of comradery, made me think of my childhood friends. My “wild” twenties.  In my twenties, I worked hard and played medium. Hahahaa.  Some may say otherwise but I like to think I still maintained some decorum.  I have been caught in a few compromising positions in my time.  But hey that only added to the fun!

I got thinking of friends of the past.  I grew up in an age when we no longer had pen pals on paper but chatted in the on-line world.  Yes, I was an IRC chick.   I spent a great deal of time chatting on the channels.  These friendships across the miles gave me an insight into things I never would have experienced otherwise.  I have even had the pleasure of meeting some in person.

Then I got to thinking about now.  DH and I live in a constant wave of grief coupled by stress.  However, we need for our own sakes to pull back to those days of the carefree.  We have to re-write what would be our future.  Life made different choices for us.  WAIT!  I never wrote a thing in my 20’s.  I had the basic plans.  I worked 2 jobs and looked after the important things and that left my play time to be mine.  Perhaps that is how I need to look at our 40’s!

My 40’s will once again be my playground.  DH and I are heading out-of-town for the old lady birthday.  Looking ahead this week I think we will be exercising some of this carefree crap! Hahahaa..  We have the basics covered.  A place to sleep what else do we need!  Just each other.


Weekend = Cherry Pie

Weekends around here are not always rainbows and sunshine.  There is always quiet times and a giggle here and there.  There are those quiet moments in the morning when the house is quiet and you think of the what if’s and what could have been.  Wishing of Saturday morning cartoons and pancakes.  Sunday, afternoon’s spent at the lake.  Sometimes, you just wish reality would leave you so you can be in a 48 hour cocoon.  This weekend was much the same.

Friday night, my summer farming began.  Hay season is here in my little neck of the woods.  So too, has begun,  the summer trips to the grocery store in hay clothes. Hahaha.  Let’s just say not as attractive as your pencil skirt, blouse and Jimmy’s.  Hahaha.. But hey, a Nike hat, cotton pants, t-shirt with holes and a sports bra are awesome.  (So too is the hay chaff stuck in your cleavage but heck that is another story!)

Saturday, I started my summer list of what to do’s.  I stained the wood in the yard.  Check check. Now here is to hoping my ambition holds out for the other items on the list.  This was followed some unmentionables (yes middle-aged and married depressed people do those things…  wait am I middle-aged yet..  Umm maybe not.  Call back in 5ish years..  All you infertiles out there know the perils of a calendar.  I have been checking the old calendar for more years than I can count so I have lost part of my calendar.)   I then asked what is for supper.  To which my DH, who does not cook, responds “There is something around here.”  I declared at 9 pm last night that I was not cooking supper so a trip to the local pizza joint for take-out was necessary.  I had lazy wife syndrome.

PS Saturday was beautiful.  Sun shinning, birds singing, me rolling around in the dirt slapping stain on the rail fence in my flower bed.  Oh, yea and a bit on myself too.   DH in one corner of the yard working on our storage barn.

Sunday, go lake day.  As we say here.  Yes, not grammatically correct, but it is the statement and has been so my whole life.  I called down to see what was on the menu.  DH’s cousin, as usual had started the works.  Bacon wrapped chicken breast, hashbrown casserole, broccoli salad and homemade bread.  I asked “What the H am I going to bring?”  Her husband yells “Nothing” from the couch…Hahahaha..

Ta Da. . CHERRY PIE!  Toot toot.  I have not made pie crust in eons..  Whew..  Just like riding a bicycle.  Best part of the whole thing, neither one of our husbands like it. *Wink* I had forgotten that when I began to bake.  Hahaha.  More for the ladies!

For you husbands out there, never fear, Dear Cousin had chocolate cake with fudge frosting and party pink’s. 

Such is the life.  Now back to reality.  Lunches to make, clothes to fold, oh and a good book on the old Kobo to finish!

Now begins the quest to see what will bring that small smile to my face next weekend.  Can it top the cherry pie?






The Future Part 3

Umm… That is about as far as I am able to look into that subject…
I have made a few steps to do a few things around the house.
Saturday I did my gardening. I must say, I picked up a new flower. It is beautiful.  Ok, I must confess.  I picked up a few new flowers but here is one.   One pot for my beds and one for C’s grave. I keep a pot of something there all year.  Currently is a pot of deep dark purple Cala Lilies.

I just had to have it!

Sunday, DH and I went to the Lake for the day.  Visiting and had supper.  It is tradition in my family to open the cottage on this weekend and we have family dinner on Sunday at 6 pm.    The numbers were low this year.  Only 10.  A lot of the family has moved across the country in recent years.

Monday, I cut firewood.  Check check.  That is done for fall.  All wood has been felled and ready for bucking up come September.  Turned out to be a good day in the woods.  Slight breeze, no bugs and only 10″ of mud in the mud holes on the road.  Although the first tree we cut, Dad bungled up the saw. “Dad, where is the axe?”  there is a slight pause….. “In home……”  Which is a 6 minute walk to the truck, and a 10 minute drive in one direction.  We improvised and made a come-a-long with a pole and a length of chain.  Whew…

Oh, PS for those that did not know. I am not a girly girl. Hahahaha.  I cut wood, I help hay in the summer, I garden, do yard work etc.. Whatever is needed.  My feminine vice is a pedicure once monthly.  (Saturday, I picked a lovely shade of blue in memory of C)

I believe summer has come to my neck of the woods.  Which I am grateful as I cannot wait for my lilies to bloom, nights at the lake, lying in bed listening to the loons, paddles in the canoe and a few fireworks here and there.

Perhaps, if I just continue on the future will fall into place.  That is the first time in 3 years that I even worried about what tomorrow brings.  Maybe this is a sign………

Online Yardsale

Well….it is official. I may actually do some sorting….. Ahh… land, one of my least favorite things.  On the brighter side I can sit here in my PJ’s and sell my items from the safety of my family room.
Online Yardsale


I sit here looking around and think ummmmmmmmmmmmm….. Where did all of this stuff come from? I live in a 5 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath bungalow. Yea, I know over kill considering it is not looking like we are going to need any of bedrooms 2 through 5….. Once upon a time there was a couple, newly married who lived in a 1 bedroom mini-home that the wife owned before they married. Said couple decided before starting a family, they needed a home so they built this place. All the time preparing for the two children they had hoped and planned on having. 8 years later…..The couple and their 2 fur balls still reside in this home… Along with a lot of stuff.

Ah well at least we can watch 3 different programs in 3 different rooms at the same time and if necessary can go to one of 3 different washrooms. Hahahaa..

Fingers crossed that I maintain this level of ambition and perhaps there will be an empty spot by Monday AM! (On the other hand, Easter candy is on sale at the store and well….. I may need go to for a drive!) Stay tuned..

Hope you have a great weekend!